naturopathicNot sure if seeing a naturopathic doctor is something for you?  Here are some signs that naturopathic medicine is likely a good fit for you.

Your life is wellthy

You already live a wellness-based lifestyle.  You eat whole foods and often cook at home.  You love fruits and vegetables.  You buy some things organic.  You are vegetarian or paleo or gluten-free.  You’ve wondered if you have food intolerances.  You love garlic and kale and turmeric.  You go to health food stores.

You’ve tried using herbs or nutritional supplements or other natural treatments like massage or acupuncture or osteopathy or chiropractic.  You do yoga, meditate, bike or run.  You do CrossFit or Restorative Exercise.  You spend time outdoors hiking, skiing,  or canoeing.

Your approach to life is directed towards wellness and your primary care physician should be too.

You’re ready for a change

Maybe you don’t live the wellthy lifestyle described above.  Or perhaps you used to, but you’ve fallen off track.  Either way, you’d like make changes in your life to support your health goals.  You’d like to eat better, exercise more, lose weight, get pregnant, worry less, feel more energized.  You want to take charge of your health but you need the experience and expertise of a licensed healthcare provider to guide you along the way.

Your gut is trying to tell you something

Your gut may literally be talking to you.  It goes without saying that if you experience bloating, gas or any kind of indigestion, consultation with a naturopath is a good idea.  There is ample evidence linking your gut microbiome to almost every disease you can think of, from rheumatoid arthritis to mental health conditions, diabetes to autism.

Your gut may also be your instincts.  You ‘just know’ something is off or wrong, but haven’t been able to figure out what it is or how to address it.

You have questions and you want answers

You have questions about your health or about your laboratory results.  Maybe all your test results are normal but you still feel awful.  You’d like to be more involved in your own care and be better equipped to make informed decisions.  You want more time with your doctor for explanations and discussions.

You want to get to the root

Getting to the root causes of ill health may seem like a no-brainer but it’s actually a radical idea (pun intended).  Much of modern medicine works like a band-aid, and a very effective one at that.  It is intended to relieve a problem by covering it up.

But you want to know why, where, how, when and what caused the symptoms you are now having.  You want them to go away and never come back.  You’d like to understand the mechanisms and factors that got you, as an individual person, feeling unwell in the first place.

You believe in the power of prevention

Overall, you feel well but you want to find ways to optimize your health, prevent future illness, and avoid getting hayfever or heart disease or post-partum depression.

You value both tradition and modern medicine

You want a doctor who values both traditional knowledge and modern medical advances.  You want a doctor who doesn’t make you choose between natural treatments and drugs as though they are opposing forces of good and evil.  You want to have a physician who understands how to use both to your health advantage, someone grounded in the foundations of health who is also up-to-date on scientific studies and evidence-based medicine.

You’re a person who wants personalized medicine

You’re an individual, different from everyone else.  You deserve an approach to healthcare that takes your individuality into account – from your health, family, and psychosocial health history to your personal preferences, challenges, and genomics.  You want concierge and bespoke medicine, with a treatment plan that is developed just for you.

Still not sure if naturopathic medicine is for you?  Comment below or contact me for a free 15 minute meet & greet session.