Changing Seasons

According to traditional Chinese medicine, fall marks the shift into the yin time of year, a time thought to be ideal for recharging and nurturing yourself and retreating to quieter, internal pursuits. For many people, fall is a time for new beginnings and new endeavors. In nature, leaves and flowers are dying and energy sinks, becoming concentrated in the seeds and roots of plants. During this time, we are particularly vulnerable to colds and flu.

On request, here is my recipe for Change of Season Soup. This delicious herbal chicken soup is a great tonifier, gently supporting the immune system during times of stress, and especially during the change of seasons. It enhances the body’s ability to remain balanced during times of transition by increasing our innate ability to adapt to change. As an immune system tonic, change of season soup is an ideal way to mark the autumnal equinox (this Friday Sept 23), improve your resistance to colds and flus, and prepare yourself for the colder seasons to come.

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